A Witch’s Call to Adventure


As a child of about five, I recall sitting in the sunlight one morning, on the floor of my bedroom; dolls and play house assembled before me, stalwart companions. I stopped and turned my face into the sun, feeling the warmth upon my skin. “I can not be five years old”, I thought to myself “I have been here to long, I am far older than this.” I need not explain, that science dictates children of this age are incapable for abstract reasoning, nor how clear this memory is at such a young age. So, it begins.

Spirituality concerns itself with the Souls relationship with the Universal “Is”, no matter what you may call it, “the Great Bran Muffin” as one mentor so aptly stated. It is undefinable by our finite minds. The limitless unknowable by the limited. Yet we can still find connection. I call the Great Universal “Is”, “The Dragon”, I will refer to it here onward so that you may know what I refer to. It is not because I believe that it is a dragon. It is an appropriate metaphor, the greatness and strength of a wise one, who hordes the treasures of knowledge of all things; objective and subjective, cold yet hot, created, creating, destroying and destroyed, it is all things at once and nothing. Spirituality concerns itself with the Souls relationship with The Dragon. The awakening of the Spirit is something else.

On that beautiful sunny morning my Spirit awakened. Not my soul, which was already hard at work. It was the connection of my “over soul” as some call it, or Spirit. To explain this well, merges the much-debated theories with some personal revelation or UPG as we in paganism like to say, Unverified Personal Gnosis. Information given by entities with which we have worked, not necessarily verified by scholarly data.   For myself, there exists the Spirit of each individual. It resides in the Spiritual Plane. Because it is “force” it cannot manifest itself here on the physical plane. To manifest itself, it must take “form”, this is both harder and easier than it sounds.   The Spirit connects itself to a physical form by what some refer to as a silvery tether. From the Spirit to the Soul of the individual. Through this connection to the Soul, the Spirit experiences form. It learns, grows and understands through the trials of the soul, until at last it truly become self-actualized. And returns no more. At the death of each form, the information of that existence is transferred to the Spirit, and the tether cut. The subtle bodies left to decay just as the physical form.

So, what do I mean by “The Spirit awakened”? The soul became cognizant of the Spirit and its reason for this incarnation. An opening to the deep conscious to the waking conscious. Something so profound, that it results in an undeniable memory.   The awakening of The Spirit is not simply an on or off button, yet it is. I believe the awakening opens the soul and the incarnation for a greater understanding of its purpose. While the soul may not always be cognizant 24/7 of this purpose, as opportunities for furtherance of this purpose reveal themselves it will increasingly make the soul aware.   Those Spirits which are awakened, are far more likely to respond in accord with their true purposes, then those who are not.

There are also those Souls, who deny their awakenings, whether by their own accord or through the repression of others. These Souls will find great difficulties through their lives because of this denial.   I have seen this many time, but one in particular I will never forget. A gentleman late in life who was what many consider a raging alcoholic.   In his moment of sobriety, wrestling with detoxing, we spoke.   He recalled as a child and teenager, the spirits he would see and hear, how he would relate this to his family who were staunch Christians.   They convinced him or forced him to see these spirits as something demonic and/ or made up by his mind, which they told him was unwell. He still continues to see and hear them from time to time, yet not when he is intoxicated, or perhaps he just does not care. The alcohol is his escape and a way to hide what he was told to repress. A Spirit which may have been awakened, yet it was far to late for him now. His senses dulled and his soul caught in a cycle which few are strong enough to break. For him detox is dangerous, and the next time will likely take his life. It is far to late.

The path which wakefulness places us upon is not an easy one. We are not the people that take the easy way out of anything. We question what we are told, we look for our own answers reading both accepted sciences and philosophies as well as exploring our own. We are the children who pull back the curtain revealing the true Wizard of Oz, realizing that both science and metaphysics have their place in our lives, each a path seeking to connect and understand.

Wakefulness in and of itself can lead to dark places. As we realize the interconnectedness of the world around us are, we understand how few of us are truly aware of these connections. We reach out to each other for some periods we connect, in others “Ego” steps in and closes our eyes to focus our own unfulfilled needs.   Yet if we only realized that “Ego” is the lesson giver. The opponent that must be overcome.   The Black Knight of the tourney. Only we can fulfill our needs, we are the keys to our own happiness. Nothing and no one else. Here we are the Hermit, tending to our own internal gardens that we may emerge into the world fulfilled, happy, wise and ready to set about business.

I have not always understood wakefulness in this manner, I have struggled with it my entire life. From memories which are not mine, but my mother’s; to places I have never stepped foot yet know them as intimately as I know my heart. Opportunities, for understanding interconnectedness in a world which did not.

Some, I recall with a sly smile. I was particularly young and bossy Libra, saying to my mother; much to her horror. “Why don’t people worship the Old Gods (referencing the Greek Gods) anymore? They are still there!”. Just for your benefit, I was born into the deep south in the 70’s, my parents where Baptists. You can imagine how this went over. Chuckle.

There are times when I wish I could have denied my wakefulness. When I watch families at play together, there is work, life and family it is shallow on some ends and deep on others.   The happiness in just the everyday moments, rather then the patterns flowing beneath them. To forget the patterns for a while and just be, but there is a Zen in this as well, I think.   Does it further the soul’s journey? All things ultimately do, some take a more meandering route then others.

Staying to long in wakefulness has its own risks and pitfalls. Chasing its opportunities skips past others offered in the physical world; be those opportunities work, romance, family related.   Finding a balance between then two is difficult. And the point of harmonization is never the same for each individual. I wish I could offer you an easy instruction manual for finding this within yourself.   All we can really do as teachers is to get you to look within and begin your own path. Your hero’s journey.

Joseph Campbell, perhaps the one of the greatest Mythologians to have passed through existence speaks in his book “Hero with a Thousand Faces”, to the journey of the Hero.   In all cultures this journey takes exactly the same path. Our deep collective unconscious speaking to us as a culture, so that we might understand when our turn comes.   Campbell speaks of the journey as a circle.



In my experience, you can go through more than one hero’s journey in your life. You may even move through them simultaneously. The Wakening of the Spirit is the first Call to Adventure.   For the journey of the spiritually wakened, for those witches, wizards, shaman, priests, gurus, spiritualist etc. We begin here. It does not matter at which age your “call” comes. You will and have known it.

“The call to adventure is the point in a person’s life when they are first given notice that everything is going to change, whether they know it or not.”                  ~ Joseph Campbell

That you are here reading these words should be proof enough. There are no coincidences. My question to you, have you heeded your “call” or are you denying it?

Our world culture today, finds stories, books and movies pervasive with heroes. From humans with mutated genes who can do the fantastic, to mad scientists constructing their own suits of armor for battling the monsters, we flock to them. Outer space cowboy adventures, to deep sea reckoning of of the abyss, we tell these stories again and again. The hero’s story. What we are really telling ourselves through our arts is that “We” can save ourselves. We each have it within us to answer the “Call to Adventure” to accept the Wakening of the Spirit.

By becoming cognizant of our Spirit, or Over Soul and our purpose we accept Campbell’s “Call”, we set ourselves on the path to become The Hero, to develop our total person in line with our “True Will”. It is ever the quest of the Wakened Spirit, to transform themselves in accord with “True Will” and in vibration with nature and the universe.

For those who refuse the Wakening of the Spirit or the ‘Call to Adventure”’;

“Refusal of the summons converts the adventure into it’s negative. Walled into boredom hardwork or “culture” the hero loses the power of significant affirmative action and becomes a victim to be saved.”                                                                       ~ Joseph Campbell

Are we the Princess in the tower? The villager lost to the millennia of anonymity, abuse, hardship and toil? Or are we each, the Knight upon his white steed, armor gleaming with the “Call” etched into our hearts.

Sitting upon a carpeted floor, warmed by the beam of sunlight, eyes closed, and mind opened. This five-year-old girl whispered “yes”.

“The Call to Adventure signifies that Destiny has summoned a Hero.”~ Joseph Campbell

To be continued…….


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