Navigating Perilous Political Upheavals with Magick

Politics and Magick are inherently intertwined.  Politics is at its base about pacts that humans make to live in society with one another.  At its best politics is the compromises we make to have a peaceful, productive co -existence.  At it’s worst, it can lead to balances which swing into the extremes resulting in repression, oppression, even slavery and death.  Magick is the tool we have used since time immemorial to swing the balance from the extremes.  Ancient shaman and witchdoctors helped the first tribes and villages navigate the thorny beginnings of tribal and village politics, later sorcerers, magicians, witches, and others would find their ways to work with the collective energies to manifest changes.  Some of the most profound examples come from Vodun, Santaria and the Various Appalachian and Hoodoo traditions, where slavery and oppression found a way to express and push for change through magick.

We are facing a time in the United States where that pendulum is swinging once again to the extreme.  A minority regime through careful planning, is seizing control of state and federal institutions.  In this way, they are passing or repealing freedoms which lead to greater repression, oppression, impoverishment and in a growing number of instances physical harm and death.   What is more, they warn us, that more is on the way.   With an energized base, this minority has radicalized a segment of the population which calls for the deaths of their political opponents and anyone they view as “different”.   It is a confusing and scary time for many of us. As a woman with the repeal of Roe v Wade, I feel like a second-class citizen, with no rights even over my own body.   If I have no rights of sovereignty, then it erodes all my rights.  Indeed, it does for all of us.

How do we respond in times like this?   I have seen many witches work in many ways to affect change, some on small scales and others on larger ones.  More than a few times I have seen mass hexes placed on key political figures, some of our groups have focused on healing and unification.  With the election of our former President Trump, I did a working to reveal the man behind the curtain, let his deeds come to light.  I will be the first to admit then I never thought there would be those who would simply refuse to look or close their eyes to remain in their illusions.   The universe has an interesting way of teaching us lessons in our work.

So, I have developed a small list of things we can do to work towards navigating these times magickally.  Some can be done alone and others with a group.   Note larger changes really require more energy and are better geared towards larger group works.

How to navigate these times magickally

  • Shielding.  
    •  The amount of negative energy both from oppression and fear is staggering right now.  Shielding will help negate this energy and keep you in a better more productive mind set.  It will make it easier to traverse the mundane aspects of your life, and keep you focused for the magickal.
    • Invisibility Shields.  Given the direction laws and mandates are taking in the US now, being unseen at times is highly desirable.  Working an invisibility shield, while it does not make you totally invisible, it keeps you from attracting notice.   You have run into people who naturally have these before, usually victims of trauma, they are the ones who remark, “did you not see me there”, or “I have been here this whole time”.  Make this work for you as well.

(As a note I usually layer shields and keep them up all the time.)

  • Personal protection work.
    • House Cleansings
    • Home Wards
    • Protective Plants/ Herbs
    • Witches Bottles/ Balls
    • Enchanted Jewelry/ Satchels/ Stones
    • Familiars/ Protection Servitors
    • Ancestors
    • Gods as protectors

(All the above can be potent protection to keep the unwanted away or protect you from their influence.  Build up your protection toolbox, do not be afraid to expand these skills set.  There are hundreds of different ways to do protection work, start working on new methods as well as old tried and true ones.)

(Note also, when working with Ancestors, tap into the strength of those ancestors who have gone through what are you going through, and of those who have fought for the freedoms we have enjoyed.)

  • Controlling yourself.
    • Turn your fear into peace and calm resolution.  Work with meditation and your personal protectors to take the fear into a place of peace and focus. Allow it to help you be objective in high stress situations, to see clearly, think rationally and act appropriately for the situation.  Uncontrolled fear, anxiety and anger can cause you to act in ways that are not in your own best interests.  Such as rioting.  Remember they are looking for reasons to continue to restrict your freedoms.
    • Allowing space for your feelings.  Anger is a very potent emotion and channeled correctly it can put a lot of power into a working.  However, understand it is not unchecked anger.   Give yourself permission to feel any emotion and allow it to pass through or hold it in reserve for a working.  The important part is that it is directed from a calm focused point.
  • Protection of a group of people or identified grouping.  This would be a working for example for a smaller group of friends or coven, or an identified group such as the Trans population. These types of workings can be done solo but are more effective with a group.  More power, more effect.  However, something to remember, the simpler you keep your working and the tighter to the true base need, the more effective it will be.  Start smaller, work to larger.  Rather then blanketing all women in the USA with protection from anti-abortion legislation (we all need it though), perhaps focus on the women of your town or region, who are perhaps particularly vulnerable to draconian trigger laws.  Workings could include protection for their safety, the means to pursue reproductive healthcare outside of the area, or something to influence local politicians to “look the other way”.
  • Influence.  “These are not the driods you’re looking for.”   
    • Glamoury.  We often think of this in regard to how one appears, and yes, we can use it to change or distract from appearance.  This can also be a persona you carefully cultivate to be placed on and used when it is most needed.
    • Fascination/ Bewitchment. It is a tool that should be in anyone’s arsenal.   If it means the difference between your safety and not, you will need to make that judgement call.  It is an offensive working (as opposed to defensive) because you will affect another’s will.   Just make sure you can cancel the spell as well as set it.
    • Distraction. Simply what it says, drawing someone’s attention from one place to another.
    • Rhetoric.  A form of speaking in which you can speak truth without revealing secrets.  (For example:  Inquisitor:  Have you seen John Proctor?  Answer: I can not say that I have). Rhetoric is also a form of creating reality with words, we use it in creating our spell work, but we can also use our words to weave magick as we speak.
    • Influencing belief on a larger scale these would be group workings to change views on a given subjection.   Again, this is an offense working.  However, pulling back the curtain to reveal truth would be an example.  Just make sure they see it.  You may need to do a few workings to accomplish this.  It is much easier to do this on a small scale focus on individuals or small group, then say a much larger group.  
  • Hexes and Curses.  I will admit, I am not a fan of this type of working, not for any karmic issues, but that they are generally a band aid.   If one were hexing the former President (which has been done), what we would miss is that he is the “paid entertainer” placed there to keep us distracted, while those working behind the scenes moved the chess pieces into place.   Those structures supporting him are a deeply entrenched root system.  Yes, they have occultists of their own.  We have all hear the adage about “striking the root”.  Bear that in mind when developing workings.
  • Unification/ Healing/ Tolerance.  These are wonderful group workings.  Still remember to start focus on a smaller scale and work your way up.  The larger the group the more you can affect.  Always include yourselves in the equation.  Let us be tolerant, loving, let us be open to unification as well.   It is very easy to get caught in the “I am right” frame of mind.
  • Wyvern Circle.   The last famous wyvern circle was done by the witches, wizards, and sorcerers of the Britain on the eave of Hitlers invasion.  An invasion which never came to pass.    A Wyvern circle is an enormous circle of magicakal practitioners, in the middle of the circle is a smaller circle of very powerful practitioners.  The outer circle generates the energy, and the inner circle focuses it to its effect.  Wyverns can be used for other purposes but are best when it is a serious working in which everyone is in total accord.
  • Act in accord with your work.  We can work magickally to create change, but do not forget about acting in accord with it mundanely.  Get involved in your local political groups, that represent your views.  Help with organizations that are supporting and assisting those in most need.  Galvanize your political base to work together and vote.   Do not fall into despair or the old “why should I do anything I can’t create change”.  When you do that, you have done exactly what they want! 

Open yourself to all the possibilities when it comes to working magickally.  This is just a small list, but it is meant to get you thinking and your creative juices flowing.  So lets pull ourselves up,  lets go of sadness, despair, fear and channel that energy into creating the reality we want.

As I speak, so I create!

So be it!

Navigating Perilous Political Upheavals with Magick

The Elements and Experimentation


For many witches and Wiccans, the elements and their associated directions and correspondences are integral parts of their ritual practice as well as personal transformative work.  I would like to take a little time to devote to understanding the elements, how our use of and work with them should reflect what resonates deeply within us, and how to adjust our work with them accordingly. I do this with a bit of a story of my own development.

My own official training in the “craft” began in the early nineties.  During that era most of the publications were very basic and foundational in their teachings, the “net” or “web” was in its infancy.  The information, regarding the elements,  readily available to me at that time, as a practicing baby witch in North America, was what I playfully refer to as “pagan generic”;  meaning  that directionally; Air was associated with the East, Fire with the South, Water with the West and Earth with the North.  I faithfully learned all of the correspondences and began establishing my relationships with this as a foundation.  I was part of an established coven that worked with this system in this way for many years.   Our original coven, was an amalgam of Gardnarian, Irish/Welsh Celtic Eclectic, 1734 and Faerie.  I mention this only because the placement of our guardians at that time, (which are derived straight from 1734) did not resonate, for me, with the ascribed placement in our circle, at the time I had no idea why.   During those days, there was little enough information available, and of 1734, published, there was nothing.  So I simply went on and worked with element placement and our guardians as was handed down to me, without a great deal of questioning at the time.  I give you this of story at the moment, as it will make a great deal more sense later.

To keep, us all on the same page with elements/ directions and correspondences, simplified “pagan generic”.

Element Direction Color Time Elemental
Air East Yellow Dawn Sylphs
Fire South Red Noon Salamanders
Water West Blue Dusk Undines
Earth Earth Green Midnight Gnomes

My original High Priestess became very ill, and eventually slipped past the veil.  She had been a strong Priestess and had been the glue which held us together.  Even though I was years now, into my path, I was not ready to lead or even to teach, there was still much for me to learn.  Our small coven fell apart and I eventually found a new teacher, from who I also learned a great deal.

As part of our tradition, the elements as we worked with them had more of an alchemical placement.  Meaning, there were situated in circle opposed to their alchemical opposite; fire opposite water, air opposite earth. There was also a bit of a trick to fire and water.  Fire follows the Sun across the sky, much like the chariot of Helios, from midnight to noon, Fire was placed in the eastern quarter of the circle, representational of its rising and path; from noon to midnight, it resides in the western quarter, with its path representational of the setting sun.  Water of course is where ever fire is not.   This change in the placement of the elements, resonated with me quite a bit more, from my original teachings.  Symbolism, for myself is incredibly important, it easily helps my conscious mind, reach into my deep conscious and effect change through the pathworkings.  I found that my own magick, took quite the leap forward, things clicked more into place and the resonance I found with the change acted as an amplifier for my work.  For myself, I was finding the tune of the energies and fitting into the flow.  Magick works along the path of least resistance, much like electricity.  I was coming much closer to that path, for my own energy tunes, and it was working!

Draconian Elemental Table:

Element Direction Color Time Elemental
Air South Yellow Sylphs
Fire East                (midnight-noon)

West          (noon-midnight)

Red Salamnders
Water West         (midnight-noon)

East           (noon-midnight)

Blue Undines
Earth North Green Gnomes

Our paths are am amalgam of our sum total of experiences, so after many years, of following the workings of my second tradition, growing and developing as a Priestess, I felt a draw back to my original teachings, there were still things there I needed to explore. In truth, there was also a path I wished to restore.  I dusted off, my old books, and began reworking the original tradition, infusing it with teaching I had acquired along the way, along with some of the working from my most recent work.  Bringing it back and creating a coven with which to work with it, I went back to the original template “pagan generic” to start.  For myself, though I ran back into the same issue with the original element placement.  With the workings we were going into and our Guardian placement, it just didn’t flow, as the previous traditions had. It wasn’t until, one of my students ran across “The Forge of Tubal Caine” by Ann Finnian and a Gods touched meeting with a wonderful individual named Pagan that many things began to come into focus.   Our original coven, had a base in 1734, it was where our Guardians (Gods) were derived from,  however, as I was learning, my original High Priestess in her own pursuit for tuning to elemental energies that flowed with her, had shifted placement and our Guardians placement from 1734’s original placement.   Now, my disruptions in flow began to make sense.  So I shifted them back.

In 1734, Air is in the North, Fire/ East, Earth/South and Water in the West.   This resonated with me far more than the previous “pagan generic” practices I had followed.  My friend “Pagan” was from Wales.  For them, he said, Air was seen in the North (different from both my previous traditions).  This association, came from the height of the mountains to the North.  Air is seen as up among the clouds, the cold North winds, that would blow through you, blasting the dust and cobwebs from our brains, and instilling knowledge and clear thinking in its place.  Earth, on the other hand was seen in the south.  The beauty if the ripe and fertile land, bursting forth with all measure of life. Additionally placement of the elements, were again alchemically opposed, which worked very well.

In shifting the elements into the 1734 view, aligned them with the Gaelic Airts.  To the Celts, the directions were seen as Airts.  Airts are Scottish Gaelic for Winds, or the four winds, or cardinal compass points. For the Celts they were Tuath (North),  Deas (South),  Aes (East) & Iar (West). The associated colors were also slightly different from the Greek systems which many Neo-Pagans works with today.  Tuath is midnight and the color association is black.  Deas is noon and the color is white.  Iar is associated with Dusk and the color is gray, Aes is the breaking day and associated with the color red.

1734/ Gaelic Airt  Element Table

Element Airt Direction Color Time Elemental
Air Tuath North Black Midnight Sylphs
Fire Aes East Red Dawn Salamnders
Earth Deas South White Noon Gnomes
Water Iar West Gray Dusk Undines

While enjoying and working, exploring within this framework of elemental correspondence, I still felt a bit of tugging back to the system of my second tradition.  For me what was missing, was the trek of Fire across the sky. Again, as I said, for myself, symbolism is very important and increases my resonance with energy flows and workings.  So I made this small adjustment to the Gaelic Airts and I find I am very happy, in the flow of the energies with which I work best!

Many individual systems for working with the elements are based on geographical location.  Obviously our brothers and sisters south of the equator experience the elements and directions in an entirely different manner than ourselves.  In fact, their “pagan generic” places earth in the south and fire in the north.  Working with your planetary geography as well as the flow of the elemental energy the way that you feel it, is working towards developing a system that resonates with you.  These ways of working with energy need not be static, but living, breathing adaptive and growing!  I am sure a visit to our Aussie families and a little down under magick would involve me, readjusting my elemental workings to fit my location.

The point of this little story, is not to convince you that my way of working is the best.  It may not be.  However it works best for me.  The point I want you to take away, is that experimentation is an important part of developing YOUR path!  It has to be what works and resonates for you!  Each person tunes and feels the flows of nature and energy in unique and individual ways, they also project them differently.  No one cookie cutter method will work for everyone.  The method that works, is the one that you work out for yourself!

I hope, this had made you think, and possibly evaluate the way you work with the elemental energies and how they, in turn work with you. May it inspire you to experiment!

Many Blessings, Good Luck & Have Fun!